Stoughton Wisconsin

Stoughton is a charming town just south of Madison. It was originally settled for its lumber, and still has many beautiful burr, white oak, and yellow oak trees. With Lake Kegonsa located just to the north of Stoughton, it’s the perfect breeding ground and home for unwanted pests.

The forests and water sources in Stoughton provide beautiful nature to us and homes to pests. If your home has issues with beetles, spiders, ants, or other pests, we can take care of them. We provide both preventative treatments and removal services for unwanted indoor and outdoor pests.

If your home is being compromised, call us today. Our owner will give you tips over the phone, and set up a free quote if services are necessary. Start living your life pest-free!

Pest Control Services

Bed Bug Control

Heat Treatments (Recommended)

One Day Bed Bug Removal, Sleep at Home Same Night!

The heat treatment that we do at Elite Pest Solutions has a 99% success rate and comes with a 60-day warranty. Give us 8 hours to treat your home or business, and we will give you back a bug-free environment that is safe to sleep in the same day the treatment is done!

Chemical Treatments

If your home or business has lower levels of infestation, or you are working with a smaller budget, our chemical treatment might be the solution for you. As long as you complete our pre-treatment checklist, bed bugs can be removed from your environment in two months, with treatments occurring every two weeks.

Depending on your level of infestation, your treatment may require a short leave from your home or business.

Stoughton Bed Bug Control

Spider & Insect Control

Stoughton is the perfect environment for spiders and insects to make their home. At Elite Pest Solutions, we will make sure that your home does not become their home. Let our experts remove all of the insects from your home, and ensure that they won’t come back.

Our professionals will come up with a plan that is uniquely designed for your home or business to remove pests and keep your space pest-free.

Stoughton Spider & Insect Control

Rodent Control

Once rodents find an entry to your home or business, they can quickly populate the space. We eliminate rodents in an effective way and make sure they won’t return to your home or business by sealing any holes in the exterior.

We don’t bait rodents from the inside because we know you don’t want any odor to linger (we wouldn’t either). Our treatment is pet safe and can be done in two appointments, one to two weeks apart. Let the experts at Elite Pest Solutions help you.

Stoughton Rodent Control

Mosquito and Tick Control

Is your beautiful summer yard taken over by mosquitos and ticks so that you can barely enjoy it? We will take care of it!

Our mosquito treatment works for fleas, ticks, and biting flies as well! After we spray your yard, it is dry and ready to use again in 30 minutes. We simply repeat the process every three weeks, so that your yard stays mosquito-free all season long.

Stoughton Mosquito and Tick Control

Elite Pest Solutions: The Friendliest Bug Removers Around!

We have been making Stoughton homes and businesses pest-free since 2016, and look forward to helping you. When you call us, you will speak with our owner, Steve, who is a Wisconsin native and an expert on Wisconsin pests and pest removal.

We always help our customers find the best solution and make their homes and businesses enjoyable again. Give us a call today for a fast and friendly pest removal experience.

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Elite Pest Solutions is amazing! Quick to call back and come to our home. Sprayed for ants and I have not seen one since! Not only would I recommend but I will also continue to use their services. I cannot say great things about the excellent customer experience this place has to offer!!!
- Michelle M. in Wisconsin


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