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Rustling in your walls. Shadows skittering across the floor. Movement in your rafters. Tell-tale pellets in drawers and corners. You know it all adds up to one thing: rodents.

Mice, rats, chipmunks, voles and shrews. They like to get in to places you don’t want them. They make homes in your insulation or worse — in the boxes of blankets you’ve put in storage until next season. They get into your pet food or even your own food. They skitter across the floor and scare your kids or your customers.

You’ve got a rodent problem. You need to get rid of those rodents before they become an even bigger nuisance and health hazard!
It only takes 1/4 inch opening for a small rodent to enter a dwelling. A couple months later, that small rodent will be a small colony. And then you’ve really got a problem. Once inside, rodents will have free rein of the house, running through the walls from garage to basement to attic and turning up in your kitchen or where ever else food is stored.

Don’t let this happen to you, call the experts at Elite Pest Solutions, LLC now, we’re here to help!

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We exterminate these rodents:

  • Deer mouse
  • House mouse
  • Field mouse
  • Rats
  • Shrews
  • Voles
  • Chipmunks

We do not exterminate:

  • Raccoons
  • Opossums
  • Moles
  • Other larger wild animals

Rodent Extermination Process

  • Inspect: During our initial service, we will inspect the exterior of your home or building. We’ll identify areas where rodents could potentially enter. They don’t need much space–just a quarter inch hole or crack.
  • Prevent: To keep new rodents from coming inside, we’ll seal small voids (holes and cracks) using rodent-proof materials. If the holes are too large for us to seal, we’ll recommend you get help from a carpenter. We’ll be sure to show you where each of those holes are.
  • Trap: From the inside, we’ll set out traps where we see evidence of rodents. This quickly eliminates the overrun population.
  • Follow-up & Maintain: We’ll schedule a follow-up service about 1-2 weeks after the initial service. During the follow-up visit, we’ll look for signs of more rodents and place more traps as needed. We’ll recommend steps you can take to keep these unwanted pests from returning.

Why We Don’t Use Toxic Baits

While there are a number of ways to eliminate rodents, we avoid using toxic baits and poison for some very important reasons. When a rodent eats toxic bait or poison, it could be eaten by a cat or dog. The poison in the rodent could potentially poison your pet. We don’t want that to happen — we always want to keep you, your family and your pets safe. Similarly, we don’t want birds to think the poison is their food, either. And we definitely don’t want to set out poison where children could get into it.

Another reason we don’t like to use toxic baits and poison indoors is because it could take up to 5 days for a mouse, rat, or other rodent to die after ingesting the poison. This gives them plenty of time to run somewhere and hide deep in your house, leaving you with the stench of decaying rodents. Trust us, you don’t want that smell to greet you when you open a door.

We prefer setting traps because we know where they are, we can clear them, and they won’t be deadly to your pets or family members.

How to Prevent Rodents from Taking Over

  • Seal up small crevices and holes. Every fall, look for places where rodents could get in.
  • Keep food sources sealed. Whether its people food, bird food, or pet food, make sure all food sources are stored in sealed containers.
  • Keep garbage bins sealed and regularly emptied. Rats tend to congregate around restaurant dumpsters. Make sure garbage bags fit inside the dumpsters, the lids are closed, and your dumpsters are emptied regularly.
  • Keep doors to the outside closed, especially loading doors that would be near dumpsters. Don’t give rodents a chance to get inside.
  • Keep your kitchens and floors clean. Rodents come in looking for food first, warmth second.

What about raccoons?

Raccoons can be cute on TV, but they’re not cute when they get into your trash and make a mess of it. Raccoons can also be carriers of rabies. They’ve even been known to harm small pets. If you have a raccoon problem, you should call in a professional.

At Elite Pest Solutions, we handle the smaller rodents, like mice and rats. Raccoons and other larger nuisance animals need to be removed by animal control.

If you’re tired of hearing noises in the walls or finding droppings in your kitchen cupboards, don’t hesitate, it’s never too late! Call the professionals at Elite Pest Solutions, LLC today and you’ll receive fast, friendly pest control service at an affordable rate.



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