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Pardeeville is the city of lakes! Spring Lake and Park Lake make Pardeeville a perfect Wisconsin town with lots of beautiful nature and activities to enjoy. With 16% of the area of Pardeeville being water, pests often enjoy the area, too.

Spiders and other pests can thrive near the lake. The moisture in the air from the water is appealing to lots of pests, but pests are not appealing to home or business owners. If you’re experiencing problems with interior pests such as ants, spiders, or roaches, reach out to the experts at Elite Pest Control! We’ll take care of the pest problem so you can get back to doing what is most important, enjoying your home.

Are exterior pests such as mosquitoes or wasps also causing you to enjoy your home less? We can take care of that too! We are experts in removing stinging and biting insects from your yard, so you can step outside with peace of mind that you won’t be bothered.

Call us today for a free quote for any type of pest removal, and get back to enjoying your home.

Pest Control Services in Pardeeville

Bed Bug Control

Heat Treatments (Recommended)

Eliminate Bed Bugs and Be Back In Your Home in One Day

Our bed bug heat treatment eliminates bed bugs in a single day. We treat hotels, apartments, and homes, and allow residents to safely sleep in them that night. All we need is 8 hours to rid the bed bugs from your home or business.

Our 99% success rate heat treatment is the best, and is backed by a 60-day warranty in case you run into any issues (don’t worry, we don’t think you will).

Chemical Treatments

Looking for a lower budget solution? Our chemical treatment is the perfect solution to lower levels of bed bug infestation.

The chemical treatment we offer takes up to two months, with treatments performed every other week. As long as you follow our pre-treatment checklist, we can remove the bed bugs. In some cases, temporary removal from your home may be necessary.

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Spider & Insect Control

Spiders and insects love all of the lakes in Wisconsin and make their homes near them. Some of the most common insects in the Pardeeville area are ants, Asian beetles, box elder bugs, flies, and wasps.

We offer both removal and preventive services for spiders and insects to keep your lake home or business pest-free.

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Rodent Control

Do you know it only takes a ¼ inch opening for a rodent to get into your home? Elite Pest Solutions identities where rodents get in and keeps them out. Our treatments are pet safe and will leave your home safe from mice, rats, or other small rodents that can burrow in the walls, attic, basement, and more.

We will schedule two treatment services with you to guarantee that rodents will come out of your space, and stay out.

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Mosquito and Tick Control

We wait all year for summer weather, only to have it be ruined by mosquitos and ticks. At Elite Pest Solutions, we offer a pet-safe mosquito removal solution!

If our treatment is applied every 21 days, mosquitos and other biting insects will stay away. Enjoy your time outdoors, and reduce the mosquito population in your yard.

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Elite Pest Solutions: The Most Honest Exterminators in Wisconsin

Elite Pest Solutions offer permanent pest removal and pest prevention services. Feel free to call us with any pest issue, and we will help you find the best answer, even if our services aren’t necessary!

We are experts in the pests of the Pardeeville, WI area, and look forward to making your home or business pest-free and ready to be used again.

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