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Madison, WI, is often ranked the number one city in the U.S. to live, the number one city to raise a family, the number one city to commute by bike, and even the number one city to party on campus. As the capital city of Wisconsin, and the largest campus town in the University of Wisconsin system, Madison is home to an incredibly diverse population.

Madison attracts young tech startups, families, artists, scholars and politicians.

But Madison also attracts some unwanted foes who would prefer to take over the beautiful lakes, homes, and businesses where Madisonians love to play, live and work. Pests like mosquitoes, ants, roaches, yellowjackets, Asian beetles, and stinkbugs.

Don’t get run out of your Madison home by these pests!

Let the experts at Elite Pest Solutions develop an integrative plan to remove those pests and deter them from ever coming back.

Pest Control Services

Bed Bug Control

Heat Treatments (Recommended)

Same-Day Bed Bug Treatment for Homes and Businesses

Eliminate bed bugs in a single day. Backed by a 60 day warranty, our treatments boast a 99% success rate. These treatments are successful in eliminating bed bug infestations in homes, hotels, apartments, and dorm rooms. And they are safe enough for residents to return home and “sleep tight” the same night.

Time you’ll need to be away from your home: 8 hours.

Chemical Treatments

While the preparation process for chemical treatments is shorter, the treatment process is much longer and requires retreatments depending on the level of infestation (up to two months).

When you follow our pre-treatment checklist, chemical bed bug treatments are the perfect lower budget solution, solution for low-levels of infestation.

Repeat process every two weeks, up to a total of two months.

Madison Bed Bug Removal

Spider & Insect Control

People move to Madison all the time–and they bring some unwanted tag-alongs, like cockroaches and stink bugs. In fact, downtown Madison has more roaches, stink bugs, and Asian beetles than many of the surrounding cities.

Asian beetles and stink bugs can be especially hard to get rid of if you don’t take preventative measures. They’ll come inside as soon as it starts to get cold and then reappear in droves in your home or business when spring time finally arrives.

Elite Pests Solutions knows how to make those unwanted bugs go away for good! We remove spiders and all the other insects that you are sick of dealing with every season. We’ll create an individualized plan for your building and will recommend realistic preventative measures as well.

Give us a call today!

Madison’s Top Pest Control for Spiders & Insects

Rodent Control

Madison is a big enough city to have a “rat problem.” Especially downtown and on the east side, or near restaurants, rats and other rodents are making their way indoors. All that rats, mice, voles and chipmunks need to get inside is a ¼” external hole.

We use a pet-safe method to remove all rodents from your home and block them from re-entering. We can promise you that after our two treatments, your home will be rodent-free. If we can’t repair the place where these rodents got inside, we have a network of trusted carpenters who can help you.

Get Rid of Madison Rodents

Mosquito and Tick Control

Mosquitoes, ticks, fleas and biting flies bug people and their pets. Don’t let them ruin a beautiful day oudoors. We can remove them for you! The Elite Pest Solutions mosquito spray will get rid of mosquitos in your yard, and keep them out as long as the process is redone every 21 days.

Within 30 minutes of Elite Pest Solutions finishing our application, your yard will be safe to use for your family and your pets!

Elite Pest Solutions: The Friendliest Exterminators You’ll Meet (unless you’re a pest)

Elite Pest Solutions has been taking care of unwanted, yucky, scary, dangerous bugs, spiders, rodents, mosquitoes and other pests in Madison since 2016. And before 2016, our owner and technicians were learning from the best of the best for over a decade. We know pests and their evasive techniques. And we know Madison and the places pests like to hide.

Customer service is our passion. As a small, family owned business, we couldn’t succeed without treating every customer well! You can trust us to keep our word and look out for your best interests.

Give us a call and find out why we’re Madison’s friendliest, most trusted pest exterminators!

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