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Verona is the perfect example of a quaint American town and is often referred to as “Hometown U.S.A.” Verona holds its small-town values close and is home to many farms and forests. With all of the small-town charm that Verona holds, it also holds many unwanted pests.

Farmland is home to many pests, including Asian beetles, that spread during harvest season. Asian beetles can spread for miles and make their way into homes and businesses, where they settle in for winter. Elite Pest Solutions can do preventive treatments for these pests, as well as removal treatments if the issue is already occurring.

While Asian beetles may be a big problem in Verona, we provide preventive and removal services for all sorts of pests such as ants and roaches. Reach out to us today to get your home quoted for pest removal and prevention.

Pest Control Services in Verona

Bed Bug Control

Heat Treatments (Recommended)

We Remove Bed Bugs in as Little as 8 Hours

Do you have bed bugs? No problem! Elite Pest Solutions’ heat treatments extract bed bugs in 8 hours. You can even sleep in your home or use your business on the same day! Our 99% success rate heat treatment comes with a 60-day warranty. We’re confident that bed bugs won’t be a problem for you again.

Chemical Treatments

If you have a smaller infestation of bed bugs or a smaller budget, chemical bed bug treatments are perfect for you. Following our process, we will treat for bed bugs every other week for two months. As long as you follow our pre-treatment checklist, the bed bugs will be gone in no time!

Some chemical treatments require a short retreat from your home or business.

Verona Bed Bug Control

Spider & Insect Control

The farmland around Verona makes it the perfect location for Asian Beetles to hatch and make their way into your home or business. Other insects often found in this area are ants, spiders, box elder bugs, flies, and wasps.

Our experts will recommend the perfect treatment plan for your space, remove pests, and prevent them from returning.

Verona Spider & Insect Control

Rodent Control

At Elite Pest Solutions, we will remove mice, rats, shrews, voles, or chipmunks from your home or business. Our two-time treatment plan is safe for pets, and effective at getting rodents out, and keeping them out.

We start by evaluating the exterior of your space, and baiting rodents out of any openings. We then seal the openings to ensure they can not come back.

Verona Rodent Control

Mosquito and Tick Control

Do you have an event coming up such as a graduation party, outdoor wedding, or birthday party? Do you want to be able to enjoy your yard without the annoyance of biting mosquitos, teas, flicks, or flies? Let us treat your yard!

The Elite Pest Solutions mosquito treatment dries in 30 minutes, so you, your family, and your pets can get back outdoors. Our treatment is repeated every 21 days for maximum results.

Verona Mosquito & Tick Control

Elite Pest Solutions: High-Quality Care, Small Business Feel

Our owner and local pest expert, Steve Peissig, knows how to effectively remove pests! Give us a call and you will be met with top-notch customer service and expertise. All of the technicians at Elite Pest Control are highly skilled and licensed in removing unwanted, icky, or dangerous bugs.

We develop small business relationships while giving top-notch pest removal care in the Madison, WI area.

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