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Waunakee, WI is the only Waunakee in the world! Its name means “fair and pleasant valley”. Waunakee is home to Governor Nelson Stake Park, and the residents of Waunakee have an innovative and dedicated spirit. Pests in the area also have an innovative and dedicated spirit to get into your homes.

Pests will do whatever they can to get into your homes and stay. Spiders, ants, and boxelder bugs are some examples of pests that like to live in this area, and there are many more. At Elite Pest Solutions, we remove pests from your home and set up a treatment plan so that they won’t return.

Give us a call to get your free quote, and get started on your pest removal care plan.

Pest Control Services in Waunakee

Bed Bug Control

Heat Treatments (Recommended)

The Best Bed Bug Removal Treatment in Waunakee

Say good-bye to bed bugs in one day! Our heat treatment removal plan has a 99% success rate and is backed by a 60-day warranty. We ask that you are away from home for 8 hours so that you can come back to a safe and bed bug-free environment.

Chemical Treatments

The Elite Pest Solutions chemical bed beg removal treatment is perfect for lower levels of infestation. It is also easier on the wallet.

You simply follow our pre-treatment checklist, then we come in and perform our treatment every two weeks for two months. It’s possible that you will need to take a short leave of absence from your home or business.

Eliminate Bed Bugs Waunakee

Spider & Insect Control

Nobody likes seeing creepy crawling insects in their home or business. If you’re noticing ants, flies, box elder bugs, Asian beetles, or spiders crawling around your space give us a call.

At Elite Pest Solutions we identify the source of the problem and get rid of it, while also removing any existing pests from your home. We’ll help you maintain an insect-free environment, so you won’t have to worry anymore.

Eliminate Spiders & Insects in Waunakee

Rodent Control

It only takes a ¼ inch hole for rodents such as chipmunks, mice, rats, or voles to get into your home or business. Elite Pest Solutions offers the perfect solution to get these rodents out of your space and keep them out.

Our pet-safe rodent control solution allows you to feel comfortable again in your own home. We do two treatments, two weeks apart to guarantee that rodents are out for good.

Eliminate Rodents in Waunakee

Mosquito and Tick Control

The mosquito removal solution at Elite Pest Control is the best way to guarantee a bug-free summer. Our treatment, which should be repeated every 21 days for maximum results, is effective at removing mosquitos, fleas, ticks, and biting flies.

Your family and your pets can get back to enjoying your yard within 30 minutes of our treatment being applied.

Eliminate Mosquitos in Waunakee

Elite Pest Solutions: Removing Unwanted Pests since 2016

At Elite Pest Solutions, we focus on two things: getting rid of annoying pests and having excellent customer service. Our owner, Steve Peissig, will provide you excellent care and treatment recommendations. Our company is certified by the Wisconsin Pest Control Association (WPCA) and brings expert care to the Waunakee area.

We look forward to serving you and your pest removal needs.

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The Elite contractor was prompt, professional, explained the process and what could be expected. I would hire him again. Very good experience.
- Sharon K. in Waunakee, WI


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